Anil Saini

Chief Executive Officer | Pooja Trucking Inc.

Anil Saini is the chief executive officer of Saini Express Inc. and Pooja Trucking Inc., which does business as Madison Intermodal/SEI Transportation. With a focus on logistics and transportation, the companies specialize in intermodal drayage. A career entrepreneur, Mr. Saini holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Delhi and a Master of Business Administration from Temple University. He has found success launching businesses in other sectors, including running a bar and restaurant for over a decade. He established SEI Transportation in 2006 and expanded his holdings with Pooja Trucking in 2010;  he continues to take an active role in both companies as a leader, overseeing sales, marketing and long-range planning. Mr. Saini contracts with major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Home Depot, providing short-range transportation and delivery services with a combined fleet of trains and trucks. He is active in numerous transportation industry associations and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. In 2021, SEI Transportation was presented with the Better Business Bureau’s Best Intermodal Award. Currently, Mr. Saini employs more than 100 people companywide, and he looks forward to growing and expanding coverage in the coming years.

Marquis Video

A Marquis-produced video biography showcases Mr. Saini’s professional path and inspirations.

Forbes Magazine

Mr. Saini will be featured in a regional edition of Forbes magazine in August/September 2023.

Fortune Magazine

Mr. Saini was featured in the February/March 2023 national issue of Fortune magazine.

Wall Street Journal

Mr. Saini was highlighted among a select group of distinguished leaders in the Eastern Edition of the Wall Street Journal on October 26, 2022.

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Mr. Saini’s work has earned him the distinction of a Marquis Who’s Who Top Executive.