Brandon Swain

Brandon L. Swain

COO | Swaintech Entertainment Group LLC / MOB Radio

Mr. Swain is the chief operating officer of Swaintech Entertainment Group, a full-service audio and entertainment company, and MOB Radio. Founded by his father in the 1980s, Swaintech Entertainment Group provides sound systems, recording, and event services for commercial and private clients. A talented musician, Mr. Swain took over the business from his father, considering it a calling and a family legacy, and has continued to make a difference in the community, including working with the United States government on a Martin Luther King Jr. birthday commemorative event. In addition to his work with Swaintech, Mr. Swain holds a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry, a Master of Science from the University of California Berkeley, and a Doctor of Pharmacy, as well as a second Master’s degree in IT project management. Throughout his career, he has received awards for his work with major corporations including Walmart, Autozone, and KFC. Mr. Swain credits his success to his family, church, and community, and is the proud parent of three children.

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Brandon Swain
Brandon Swain

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Brandon Swain

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Brandon Swain

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Brandon Swain