Bruce Ellig

Bruce R. Ellig

Bruce R. Ellig

Human Resource Executive (Retired), Author

Mr. Ellig is a pioneer in the development of human resources and executive compensation and the former Vice President of personnel at Pfizer, Inc. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration. He began his career with Pfizer in 1960, rising to become manager of compensation by 1968 and corporate director of compensation and benefits by 1970. In 1978, Mr. Ellig was named vice president of compensation and benefits at Pfizer, and he served as vice president of employee relations from 1983 until 1985, when he became the company’s vice president of personnel, a role he held until his retirement in 1996. Mr. Ellig is a celebrated speaker and consultant in his field, and has worked with Career Central, the Corporate Advisory Council and numerous business schools and policy groups. He is the author of “The Complete Guide to Executive Compensation,” “American History Impact on Employee Pay and Benefits,” and more than 100 articles in industry journals. He is the creator of the University of Wisconsin’s Bruce R. Ellig Scholarship and continues to help develop the field of human resources and future human resources professionals. In his retirement, Mr. Ellig is focused on writing, consulting, and spending time with his wife. 

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Bruce Ellig

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Bruce Ellig

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Bruce Ellig

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Bruce Ellig


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Bruce Ellig

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