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Daniel E. Jolly, DDS

Chief Forensic Odontologist | Franklin and Licking Counties, Ohio

Dr. Daniel E. Jolly, a dental consultant, provider and educator, leverages more than 40 years of excellence in dentistry. Serving as the chief forensic odontologist for Franklin and Licking Counties, Ohio, since 2019, he has also lent his breadth of knowledge to courtroom trials as an expert witness and legal consultant. He has spoken frequently on topics in forensic and medical dentistry, having also authored the “OSU Manual of Hospital Dentistry,” “Nursing Home Dentistry” and “Hospital Dentistry.” Dr. Jolly served in private practice in Newcastle, Wyoming, in 1979 and went on to teach at the University of Missouri. Thereafter, he served as the chief of restorative dentistry at the Truman Medical Center and the director of dental oncology at Trinity Lutheran Hospital. Spending many years at The Ohio State University, he joined the faculty in 1987, serving as the director of the general practice residency program, an associate professor and a full professor until 2008. He also thrived as the president of ImmediaDent of Ohio. Dr. Jolly is the namesake of a scholarship fund at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, having also received the Ohio Dental Association Humanitarian Award. He holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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Personal Website

Peruse Dr. Jolly’s personal website to learn more about his dental practice, specializations and accolades.



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