Diane Dudzinski FTR Photo

Diane Marie Dudzinski, PhD

Biology Educator (Retired) | Washington State Community College

Dr. Diane Marie Dudzinski is a retired biology educator who served Washington State Community College as a full professor from 1991 until her retirement in 2012. Drawing upon nearly five decades of professional excellence, she previously served as a professor and instructor at such academic institutions as Mercyhurst College, Manhattan College, Pace University, Ladycliff College, Fordham University and Villa Maria College (now known as Gannon University). She also thrived as the chairperson of the department of science and mathematics at the College of Santa Fe. Adjacent to her educational positions, Dr. Dudzinski is recognized as the first woman participant to join a joint oceanographic expedition between the United States and the Soviet Union to the Bering Sea, and she formerly worked in collaboration with Stanford University on closed environment support systems, an ideology that seeks to prepare prospective astronauts for potential microbial contamination on space stations. To attest to her success, Dr. Dudzinski was honored with the 50-Year Award from Gannon University in 2019 and was chosen for grants by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. Among other educational credentials, she was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy from Fordham University in 1974.

Marquis Voiceover Video

Dr. Dudzinski was honored for her expertise in biology and education with a voiceover video documenting her career journey.

Millennium Magazine

Dr. Dudzinski was featured on her cover of the ninth edition of Millennium, A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine, highlighting her achievements.

Forbes Magazine

Recognizing her accomplishments, Dr. Dudzinski was selected for inclusion in the Columbus, Ohio, issue of Forbes magazine in August/September 2023.

The Wall Street Journal

To attest to her success and longevity in the field, Dr. Dudzinski was named a Distinguished Leader in the Central edition of The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, December 21, 2022.

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Dr. Dudzinski’s academic and career paths were discussed in a comprehensive newsletter in the summer of 2022.

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Dr. Dudzinski’s legacy was detailed by Marquis Who’s Who in a timeline of professional milestones.

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Dr. Dudzinski’s portrait shone prominently in the heart of Times Square, New York, which was complemented by a corresponding press release.

Personal Website

Peruse Dr. Dudzinski’s personal website to learn more about her life, career, accolades and professional achievements.

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Marquis Who’s Who named Dr. Dudzinski to its roster of Who’s Who of Professional Women in November 2021.

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Marquis Who’s Who named Dr. Dudzinski to its roster of Who’s Who of Top Educators in August 2019.

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Dr. Dudzinski was recognized as an eminent Industry Leader by Marquis Who’s Who in May 2022.

Worldwide Humanitarian

Impressively, Dr. Dudzinski was named among Worldwide Humanitarians by Marquis Who’s Who in September 2022.

Lifetime Achievement Press Release

Endorsed as a leader in education, Dr. Dudzinski was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who in 2019.

Who's Who in the World Press Release

Dr. Dudzinski was inducted into Who’s Who in the World and honored with a press release in 2022.



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