Emily Bradford Gallup

Emily Gallup

Emily Bradford Gallup

Retired Information Systems Consultant

Emily Gallup commenced working in information systems during the groundbreaking period when people were able to access papers online, rather than by paper copies. Having always been interested in technology, she explored the possibilities linked to this through her education, earning a Master of Public Administration in information science from American University and a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and physics from the University of Maryland. She retired in 2012, but worked for more than four decades as an IT consultant, and with various institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth College, Creare, Inc., NASA, among others. Throughout her career, she considers establishing the library catalog at Dartmouth College to be among her top achievements. Furthermore, maintaining professional affiliation with the American Library Association, the National Academy of Sciences, the Association of Computing Machinery, and the American Society of Information Science. Known as a gifted writer, Ms. Gallup contributed numerous articles to scholarly and professional publications under the name of Emily Gallup Fayen. In addition, she co-authored with F.W. Lancaster, “Information Retrieval.” For her written work, she received the Best Information Science Book Award in 1974.

Press Release

In her press release, Ms. Gallup career as an information technology consultant between 1964 and 2012 is highlighted. She also worked full-time in a variety of capacities in the governmental, educational and private sectors, beginning in 1963 for Documentation, Inc., in Bethesda, Maryland.

Professional Women

Ms. Gallup’s Professional Women feature celebrates her success in the information sciences field.


In this feature, Ms. Gallup’s professional achievements are laid out in a comprehensive timeline.

Millennium Magazine

On page 332, Ms. Gallup’s forward-thinking mindset on the field of technology is displayed with her academic and professional choices.

Top Executives

Ms. Gallup’s Top Executives feature chronicles her career stemming from working as a reference librarian to high profile work as an information systems consultant for the government.

Wall Street Journal

Ms. Gallup’s Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal.



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