Nancy Kerr Del Grande

Nancy Kerr Del Grande

Chief Executive Officer | Geo-Temp Corporation

Ms. Del Grande is a physicist and the co-founder and chief executive officer of Geo-Temp Corporation, a firm developing proprietary thermal imaging technologies and offering a range of geophysical surveying services since 1985. A teen during World War II, Ms. Del Grande developed a passion for science after learning about the Manhattan Project and seeing her father consult for the United States military. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in physics from Mount Holyoke College and a Master of Science in physics from Stanford University and began her career as a physicist for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1959. Among other accomplishments, Ms. Del Grande was the first female physicist to design and test a major nuclear device diagnostic experiment and holds several patents for thermal imaging technologies. Ms. Del Grande has written and lectured extensively, attended several United Nations symposia, and was a United Nations appointee to the University of Mexico. She remained a senior physicist with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory until 1999, and her work influenced DARPA project allocation as well as civilian research and development. She credits her success to curiosity, a love for her field, and a desire to serve her country.

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Nancy Kerr Del Grande

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Nancy Kerr Del Grande

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Nancy Kerr Del Grande

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