Saroja Bharati

Saroja Bharati, MD

Professor of Pathology & Cardiac Pathology Consultant | Rush University Medical Center

Saroja Bharati has spent more than 50 years of her career studying cardiac pathology with an emphasis on cardiac conduction and congenital heart disease. She earned a Doctor of Medicine at Madras University in 1966 and pursued a fellowship in cardiology at the Miami Heart Institute and a specialist residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. Her professional mentor, Dr. Maurice Lev, inspired her interest in congenital heart disorders. She began teaching in the 1970’s in Chicago. Starting in 1980 she served as a clinical professor of pathology at Temple University, the Robert Wood Johnson. From 1988 until 1994, Dr. Bharati served as the Director of the Congenital Heart and Conduction System Center at Hope Children’s Hospital. Until 2019, she served as the Director of the Maurice Lev Congenital Heart and Conduction System Center at Advocate Children’s Hospital. Dr. Bharati is an adjunct professor of pathology at Rush Medical College and the University of Texas McGovern Medical School. She has authored three original books, including a two-volume study of more than 6,300 patients, and is a Fellow of the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, and the American Heart Association.

Personal Website

Dr. Bharati’s website provides a more personal account of her career achievements.

Hemispheres Magazine

On page 137, Dr. Bharati is recognized in Hemispheres Magazine as one of the Nominees of Who’s Who of Distinguished Leaders.

Top Doctors

In her Top Doctors feature, Dr. Bharati is highlighted for her contributions to the field of cardiac pathology. 

Worldwide Humanitarian

Dr. Bharati’s compassion for others landed her as a recipient of a Worldwide Humanitarian Award.

Humanitarian Award Saroja Bharati

Lifetime Achievement Award Press Release

Dr. Bharati’s Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award was announced via press release.



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